Adult Day Care & Social Center

It has been our dream for years to provide adult day care services for our community. With our current building project well under way, we look forward to our dream becoming a reality by January 2013.

Many families struggle with the dilemma of having a senior loved one at home alone while they work or tend to other responsibilities. Many seniors become depressed, don’t eat right, may have trouble maintaining a proper medication schedule, and don’t get enough exercise or social interaction. We can help with all of these issues.

Research has repeatedly shown that the link between socialization and a senior’s mental & physical well-being is becoming increasingly stronger. Studies have consistently shown that socializing may be just as important as physical activity for seniors.

Often times, our loved ones enjoyed raising a family and interacting with extended family members as well as being connected to a workplace. As they age, they retire, the kids grow up and leave the house and normal attrition reduces the size of the family over all. Frequently, seniors are left isolated or with a very diminished sense of belonging.

Some of the most crucial benefits of socialization for the elderly are:

  • Improved Mental Health & Psychological Well-Being
  • Improved Nutrition
  • Improved Physical Health (Stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, and reduction in physical pain that is sometimes magnified by depression)

Socialization also helps with:

  • Maintaining the mind
  • Slowing memory loss
  • Creating or reestablishing a sense of belonging and being connected
  • Increased feelings of joy and happiness

The Windsor’s Social Center will mirror our skilled care and assisted living divisions in that customized programming will be designed to accommodate your individual needs and concerns while providing the loving, personal care that we are known for. Since our goal is to maximize each person’s potential, our activities are specifically designed for each individual’s interests and capabilities to insure that everyone is perfectly challenged while creating social relationships and having lots of good old fashioned FUN.

Please call us for preliminary pricing and to reserve your spot in our brand new social center. 330-499-8300 ext 402.

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