Client Testimonials

Dear Mr. Swallen and Ms. Esack,

We are writing to express our most sincere thanks for the outstanding care you gave our father, Robert Weintraub, at your facility. My sisters and I thought Dad would die of a broken heart soon after Mom died, but because of the care, attention, compassion, and respect you showed him, he lived well and happily for another 18 months.

It wasn't a whole lifetime to be sure, but it gave us over a year to spend time with him, enjoy his company and watch him enjoy his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You gave us a gift that we will be forever grateful for.

After a lifetime of living in big homes he had built, it was an adjustment to the small apartment at Windsor. But between my sisters' ability to turn that apartment into a real home - filled with warmth and memories of better days - and your attentive care, he was very happy there (much to our surprise).

We also feel an overwhelming desire to let you know what a stellar staff you have there. I heard time and again how wonderful the nurses and aides were, and in his last week, I was there enough to see that it was no exaggeration. Every nurse and aide treated Dad with love, dignity, and affection. It was not some surface, obligatory kindness; it was genuine and heartfelt, and I was moved to tears seeing how they doted on him.

We were touched beyond words to watch as nurse after nurse came in, even when going off shift, to say goodnight and goodbye to Dad. A few sat on his bedside, held his hand, stroked his head and even shed tears as they whispered their affection to him. This is why we wanted him there, not in a hospital or care facility where he'd be lost in the shuffle.

We realize your staff deals with people who may be cranky, ill, fearful, or even resentful. But your staff's unfailing good spirits and unbelievable compassion toward him and us in his last days was nothing short of remarkable. We felt they really loved Dad, and that means more than you can ever imagine.

We hope you will share this note and the unending gratitude that my sisters and I feel for the nursing staff that made Dad feel comfortable and welcome. We could not have wished for a more dignified, peaceful and respectful way for our beloved father to end his journey here on earth.

Thank you all for making this heartbreaking time a bit more bearable. You are all saints, and we cannot express enough appreciation for all you did.

With our thanks-

Phil Weintraub
Marilyn and Paul Feldman
Diane Galvin

Dear Tom,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you did for my parents for the last five years. I know my mother wasn't always easy but you dealt with her with grace and compassion. I will always be grateful for that! I would never have been able to honor their wishes to stay in Canton had it not been for such a quality facility for them to reside at.

In addition, you made the last month of my mom's life so much easier for me and for her to know that she still had the possibility of her beloved apartment to go back to.

Steve and I wish you all the best in the New Year.


Dear Mr. Swallen & Nursing Home Staff,

It's hard to believe that almost 2 years ago Mom came to your facility - where does the time go?

When our family was looking for a home for our mother, at the top of our list was "The Care Provided"

  1. Would her care be outstanding?
  2. Would her care be 24/7?
  3. How is Windsor's communication with family?
  4. Would her care be as her family would care for her?
  5. What about references - were they positive?
  6. Would Mom's doctor care for her here?
  7. How did Windsor's eye appeal measure up to other facilities?
  8. Pricing?
  9. What kind of turnover does Windsor's employees have?

Having had Mom at several other facilities previous to Windsor, we learned what to look for and what not to look for and we knew the questions to ask and knew the things that were important to us in caring for our mom. At the top of our list was - what kind of care would she receive & staff communication? Knowing this would be her last home - it needed to be the best of the best. All other concerns fell lower on the list. Windsor is pricey, however, knowing that Mom was in good hands and had the best care was first and foremost the issue in our minds.

Though Mom is now gone from our world and enjoying her time with Jesus, her impact on us we will never forget. Likewise, the impact the nursing staff made on Mom and her children - we will also never forget. We met so many caring and concerned employees in the nursing wing. You are very fortunate as many of the workers not only consider this their job, but they consider the residents their family. You cannot put a price tag on the value and comfort this perspective gives the residents' families.

The A.F. Family is indeed grateful to the following caregivers but not limited to these: Susan, Amy, Jan, Pam, Sandy, Emily, etc etc. There was one aid, I cannot remember her name, but when I asked her why she chose this job career - she said to me, "I love my job - I hear their stories - I hear where they came from and receive from their wisdom along life's journey - they are my family".

To our family, Windsor was more than a nursing home, it is a facility that offers homelike atmosphere to those residents and families who may be on the last road in their life's journey. We are forever grateful to you and your employees for making Mom's last time on this earth comfortable.

-The A.F. Family

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